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last nights walk - Curvy "D"-ivas!
We're on the move!
last nights walk
Last night Andrea and I walked our 5 km route in the rain. I was surprised the rain didn't bug me. Our walk took little time and I was impressed with the speed and the fact we didn't need to stop and rest. We are going to walk again tonight and then not again until Sunday when we do the 20 km walk. I am looking forward to doing the walk and getting back into the training mode. I was reading on line about being a training walk leader. I am thinking that might be fun to do in the River bend area. I am going to do some yard work and work out my arms and core today. I am sure that will be fun.
I am getting a littler worried about my fund raising as i sent out a mass email and have gotten no response. I think I will need to send another only I think I will do it a little different by using one of the form letters. Mike and Brenda have both committed to donating money to me. But I have to wait for it. Andrea and need to talk a little more about fund raising I think.

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