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The Ball Is Rolling! - Curvy "D"-ivas!
We're on the move!
The Ball Is Rolling!
I received my first donations today! YEAY!

Mike took my forms to his Rotary meeting this morning. He said that lots of the members wanted to help. He brought back to the office with him my first donation for $250! AWESOME! And our mail lady, Betty, brought me a donation of $25! FABULOUS!

Yesterday I bought some more supplies for our ad boards. I also had an idea for our "business cards". Originally we were going to make something to bring to be colour copied, a sheet of business cards. This was so we could carry them in our purses and leave at all the Addition-Elle stores so our customers wouldn't have to search for pieces of paper to write our info on, they could just take this card and off they go. Much more "user friendly" and I think it will prove to make it easier for the ladies to donate. Afterall, they may want to make a larger donation than just dropping change in our donation boxes. And if that's the case, they can take the "business card" with our website info on it, go there and either donate online or print a donation form to send one in. Ok, so back on track here... originally I was going to print a page of these "business cards" at work and take them to be colour copied. But yesterday I had the afterthought that it would be MUCH cheaper (keep in mind, these are Bobbie's and mine out of pocket expenses we are contributing ourselves) to buy coloured paper and print black and white "business cards". Plus, then we're not limited to a certain number of copies.

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