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5kms in 30 minutes! - Curvy "D"-ivas!
We're on the move!
5kms in 30 minutes!
Today I'm so sore. I wore heels for the first time this season yesterday at work, both jobs, all day with no other shoes to change into. Not a big deal, except Bobbie and I had been on hiatus from walking and now my calves are stiffer than a glass of whisky!

But it was a great walk... 5kms in 30 minutes. Our best time yet. Not that this is a race, but sometimes when we pick up the pace it feels good to have that burning muscle sensation. Plus it was raining, and I didn't bring a hoodie, so keeping us a fast pace kept me from getting cold.

Tonight, walking along the river. I'm sure the river has thawd by now, and it'll be a good chance for more pics. Hopefully Crystal (btw... WELCOME! and YEAY! for finally registering!!) will be able to come with us.

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