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The Big O & Fundraising Ideas - Curvy "D"-ivas!
We're on the move!
The Big O & Fundraising Ideas
Last night Bobbie and I attended our orientation at the Cross Cancer Institute. The speaker and information video made me cry (I hate crying in public), both very moving.
At the end of the presentations we were given a challenge: For those who'd already started fundraising, they were challenged to do their "big ask" within 48 hours (the "big ask" is when you ask a potential donor to donate your full $2000 required amount). For those who haddn't, to ask for your first donation within 24 hours.

Today I did both. I asked our mail lady at Fero (my bill paying day job) if she would like to sponsor me on my journey. She smiled, commended me for taking on this challenge and said she'd look over my webpage and took a donation form.

And then I asked Mike (my boss at Fero). I didn't get to the part about "the big ask" because as I was telling him that I was walking in the event this summer, and he just offered! He said, "I will sponsor you!" Plus he's going to bring my donation forms to his Rotary meeting tomorrow, and I got permission to ask some of our business contacts for their support as well. YEAY!

Yesterday I ordered some pink "Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, Friends" bracelets from the breast cancer website, and 3 pink ribbon pins (for Bobbie, Crystal and I). I thought we could give the bracelets in our thank you notes to those who make sizable contributions. I ordered 10 for now (I'll actualy get 20 because they were on special, buy 1 get 1 free).

Bobbie and I also talked about some fundraising ideas. Bobbie's idea of renting a table at a Farmer's Market is great! I can bake up a storm and all the profits will go to the team goal (it's $6000, people... start donating! lol). Plus we can set up a poster and hand out our donation forms. The presenter lady had a good idea to have a house party and collect donations from guests, and here's my idea, expanded from that: Bobbie and I already have a games night, so I was thinking we could expand it, invite all kinds of people and have all kinds of games going on. We would supply chips, pop, maybe pizza and let everyone know (obviously) that the reason for the game night is to raise money for our team. We could either charge a cover fee, like $10, or make everyone stay till they empty out their pockets :) I know there are details to iron out, but the basic idea for the games night fundraiser is good.

Do YOU have any fundraising ideas? Comment if you do!!

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